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web-845167_1920Please use this article for the perfect Real Estate Web Design Plan. Websites are awesome for small businesses: Plumbers, Electricians, Home Improvement, Towing and Limousine Services etc… Websites work for any industry so start now. If you do not have one you are way behind.

A concise Business Plan focuses on a formulated action plan on steps to execute for your business to flourish. It is essential that you see the big picture of being a web designer in a crowded field, you need to identify your competition.  Success is right around the corner only if you commit to doing research on your competitor(s).

What can you do that will make you more successful as a champion of business? A good analogy is the boxer Floyd Mayweather, the wealthiest athlete in the world. He retired young and undefeated, he remained unbeaten because he and his team studied the competition. They watched tapes of a dozen fighters and closely studied the fighting techniques that made them extraordinarily successful. You got to prepare an analysis of your competition, study the weak and strong points, and formulate an action plan to come out on top!

Research their prices, special packages, and their style of customer service for their clients.  Based on my research, many of these Real Estate fail in customer service. This is your advantage to work diligently on becoming a unique business owner who offers the best customer service, because this will ultimately enhance your reputation. But in the process win new accounts and cement ties with your clients to get new leads.

This business plan focuses on an action plan for you to follow, step by step.

  1. What is your big picture in a crowded field of web design companies?

Do you have a strategic plan on specific leads on getting new clients?

Have you established any relationships with current customers for new leads?

Is your strategic plan crystal clear, step by step, to successfully win new clients within 30 days?

Did you do your homework on your competition to determine their weaknesses/strengths?

List your priorities for the months to come.

Do you have a strategic plan?   What are you doing currently to generate new business for your company? Have you communicated with your colleagues with whom you can trust about new leads? Did you speak with your current customer base regarding contacts? You need to cover all bases to ensure a great jump start. Once this is established, you can begin to streamline your business practices on making gains and satisfying the customer. As a result, this will help you to grow but with precision and eventually understanding the scope of operating a thriving Real Estate business. Also, always remember that word of mouth is more powerful than advertising in the newspaper, etc. If your current customer base is happy, you need to capitalize on this relationship for leads. You may have to offer great incentives to your current customers, such as a free home improvement service at a reduced price for a list of new customers. Thinking strategically will help you in the long run of being successful.

Have you established golden relationships with current customers? Are your customers happy, somewhat happy, or just satisfied? You need to conduct your own personal survey. The goal is to make your customer base very happy and this will open the door for you to have new contracts without hustling, such as knocking doors or Cold Calling. Learning how to work smart vs. hard will help you succeed.

*What is your strategic plan for the next 12 months? It is imperative that you clarify your strategy with outlining your action plan for each month. Do this quarterly. For example, after completing the steps of the first three months of being in business, write out your action plan every 3rd month focusing on the next three months. This helps with clarity of goals and specific steps of execution.


January, February, March

April, May, June

July, August, September

Strategic Plan? Are proactive on Saturdays with getting new leads and accounts, like meeting with new leads? The three month action plan is critical to starting your business with a BANG. Again, tap your current customer base for all leads and specifically let everyone know that you are seeking new accounts (only people with whom you trust.)

Request for a list of names and meet with prospective clients. This will help you generate a flow of cash and hopefully sustain your living expenses. However, you must work diligently even on weekends and evenings to complement your business plan.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors? Did you do extensive research on the top 3 Real Estate Companies and their online presence?  Before you launch a business, you have to find out all aspects of your competition. What are web design companies offering these other agencies to stand out with being successful. Are their customers very happy with the design and navigation?  Are customers able to communicate on a regular basis to complete their web design or is there a certain time earmarked for customers and later charged extra money. These questions and the answers you find will help you organize meaningful steps.

The goal is to be the best and always strategic to execute a plan of success.  For example, some big companies fail in providing customer service. All of the customers are not ultimately happy. This is where you can capitalize on your business plan on building excellent customer service – and of course offering exceptional services. When customers are happy, the business will grow because of leads and word of mouth. But if you neglect customer service, I think —-you know the answer.

Priorities. List your goals — the amount of client accounts needed. Also, you need to communicate with everyone, again, with whom has possible leads for you. Do you have friends or family members who can also introduce you to new clients who are interested in purchasing or owning real estate? They can direct them not only to you, but to your website.

Today, mostly everyone in business knows the significance of having a website and how it helps you to be competitive.  A website is a great advertisement similar to unique business cards but of course on a larger scale. Due to social media, the game of operating a business has dramatically changed due to having a competitive edge. Some Business owners know this and have some knowledge of why they need a website. You need to make an investment incorporating the following recommendations:

  • Business Cards (Optional)

Professional portfolio showcasing examples of available Real Estate.

Testimonials – showcasing your business and highlighting glowing comments from your customers

ACTION PLAN: (Tailor it to your ideas)

Contact Small Business Administration and attend free seminars on starting a successful business but also use this avenue to make important contacts with obtaining leads. Most Importantly Prospect daily, this will make or break your business and will help your online presence.

Need help setting up a website Start Here.


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