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I wanted to continue the conversation about finding a quality real estate agent, well I know one personally. I whole hardheartedly believe in having some who can take care of you on every level when you and your family are taking the leap of faith and acquiring a home. Yes, I need someone to show me the best property on the market in the best neighborhood with the best schools. I also trust that the home would be in tip top shape needing minimally plumbing, electrical or painting work done. It’s not like I am asking for a stretch Limousine all decked out to be apart of the deal, I am simply trusting a company to provide me with the best home buying experience possible. Besides If I were to get a hold of a Limo I would most certainly need to know where the nearest tow shop garage is, i’m just saying!

This is why I have a Personal Real Estate Agent ready to help when my family and I are ready to make that move, my cousin Ari. She recently became an agent and she simply loves it, there is no telling her she could have done something different. She put the pressure on me to take the test and become and agent but I kindly declined. She is someone you do not want to anger, every time she would ask me why I did not want to pursue it I would give her my answer but she would shut it down immediately. We grew up close and we pretty much know everything about each other, we lost contact for a while there as adulthood was knocking. After a couple years went by we reconnected and at that time I was interested in taking the Real Estate Exam but wasn’t sure if that was something I really wanted to do.


One night we were hanging out and she picked up the book and began reading studying and showed more interest than I ever did. It was at that time she knew what she would be pursuing, I said “hey as long as you are my personal agent when that day comes”. There is no other human on this planet I would trust more than my cousin in this kind of situation. She understands me and knows what I would be looking for. She is now gainfully employed with Keller Williams¬†and she absolutely loves it, thanks to yours truly!

Fast Forward to today and I am not sure if it is legal or not, but I know who to call when I need that assistance on a new home or maybe condo you never know. I feel comfortable knowing I have someone who has my best interest at heart, she may be a pit bull at times but she is my personal pit. Our priorities are the same, take care of the family by any means necessary. Now I haven’t exactly gotten my credit score right to make this leap to the home buying level, that is another subject. This is a subject she would tear me up about “fix your credit, fix your credit that’s all I can here right now her voice huh!

Of course she is now a professional Real Estate Agent on her way to owning her own company so I trust her judgment. Point being you can sometimes turn to family and maybe they can help you out when you are looking for quality work.

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