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Mans Hand PaintingPrevious posts have touched on quality real estate agents providing awesome services connecting you with premier providers in different industries. Plumbers, electricians, schools, community centers, even Fayetteville NC accident towing companies were referenced. Let’s do it a little differently here and go into detail about an exceptional painting company any home buyer can hire especially realtors looking to refresh living spaces. This Business owner asked that I promote his business on our blog instead of building out an entire site, I said no problem. So please reach out to them for your next service. Read Below for details.

Visualize your surroundings with beauty and vitality. Having a home that is just to your satisfaction, or your business building looking like a precious gem. Beantown Painting we can make anything possible, your residential home or even your commercial building will look amazing.

We offer commercial and residential exterior/interior painting for your dream home or building in the Boston area. You tell us what you want and we will deliver the best quality service to you.

Our staff at Beantown Painting are professional, experienced and are ready to make any kind of improvement that you may request from us, no need to worry about anything. We are professionals in putting together color schemes, scraping, sanding, sealing, and chalking no job is to complex.

We will communicate with you during your service at your home or business. Communication is key if you have any questions for us we are happy to answer them. Telephone, email, fax, or in person.

There are no hidden fees or charges for the service we provide for you. With Beantown Painting we discuss every service you want and give you the set price quote before we get to work. If there happens to be any additional charges or fees we will communicate it to you before we forward. We are detailed orientated. Give Beantown Painting a call today for you next painting job.

Residential Interior

Beantown Painting will handle any residential or domestic interior project big or small, you tell us what you want we will deliver. We handle all kinds of needs you may want for your project.

Worried about details, or color schemes we work with you on how to achieve that look you want for your home or building. Our experienced and licensed staff will provide you with many diverse ways to make sure that the plan you want will be carried out. Our staff will deliver the best service to you with no kind of interruptions or disturbances to your home.

Worrying about your budget? Don’t be we will work with you on every detail about your project. We will give you an estimated quote of what services we will be doing. You will be satisfied with our prices and our work believe me!

Don’t hesitate any longer give Beantown Painting a call and let us know how you want your interior looking. You will not be disappointed in your custom work for your home or building.

Residential Exterior

Beantown Painting knows how to look at a project and make it great inside and out. With our residential exterior painters we make sure we follow industry steps to ensure that you are satisfied with the results. Some situations might be different then your project but no worries we will communicate to you what we will specifically be specifically doing.

We will wash the outside of your home or building before we paint, this will help with all the mildew and dirt. This wash on your exterior is done thoroughly and precise by our staff.

We prep the whole surface of your exterior which is sanding and scraping all old and loose paint off. This will help us secure a nice and beautiful coat of paint on your home or building. All areas of your house or building will be nice and costumed. You will be pleased with the outcome.

Our staff will make sure our area is always cleaned up after the work is done. Everything will be picked up and put away before the end of the day. We ask you as our customer that you inspect our work to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction.

Commercial Interior

Beantown Painting is one painting company that can handle any kind of commercial interior you may need. Looking to improve an office building, or a warehouse, maybe something small like a flower shop. Anything is possible when you work with us.

Don’t fret over any loss of business due to your interior project. We have many different painting coatings that will not interfere with your business. Every corner will be inspected by us to make sure the coating is to your liking. This will ensure your project will be well taken care of by us.

We guarantee that we will work around your schedule, we will make sure that everything will remain on schedule as planned.

Safety is our number 1 priority, especially while we work on your project. Beantown Painting will make sure that all staff member’s will follow all safety procedures by both federal and state laws.

Commercial Exterior

Beantown Painting will give your commercial building the best exterior makeover you will ever see. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you may have big or small we can make your exterior look even more amazing then it did before.

Our staff will give you their professional expertise on what needs to be done to make your exterior project look good as new. With many other exterior areas around your building exposed to deterioration and corrosion we will handle it with safety coatings that will keep your commercial building looking good.

You can always call and ask us what coatings we offer to your commercial building because every building is different and may need different services.

No matter what you may be looking for in commercial exterior painting, Beantown Painting will  provide you everything that you are looking for.

Wallpaper Removal

Having a hard time trying to figure how to remove your wallpaper without destroying your walls? Give Beantown Painting a call.
We handle all kinds of residential and commercial wallpaper removal at a set price we will take care of the removal ourselves. Call Beantown Painting we will get the job done!

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